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Jeff Imada, Nathan Jung, Daniel Lee, Tzi Ma, Galen Yuen, Kenneth Choi, Ron Yuan, Dana Lee, Steve Terada, Kerry Wong, 'Doc' Newman, Shawn Huang, Roshon Fegan, Douglas N. Hachiya, Ewan Chung, Jesus Mayorga, Darwood Chung, Peter Cho, Robert Wu, Allen Theosky Rowe, Christina Stacey, David Huynh, Feodor Chin, Shannon Dang, Aljarreau Galang, Kenzo Lee, Janet Linn, Ryan Andres, Meng Wei, Richard Chiu, Matthew Der, Samson Fu, Manny Gavino, J.R. Kou, Ngoc Lam, Austin Lee, Angie Lieuw, Skyler Marshall, Willard Morgan, Fanny Moy, Anson Wong, Abigail Kintanar,


Juwan Chung


  1. thebogofeternalstench from New Zealand
    Jul 15, 2010

    An abomination

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    Don't know which Muppets wrote the good reviews for this crap film,
    obviously people involved in the making of it.

    Baby is utterly $hit.

    The main actor can't act to save his life and overacts everything. When
    he gets all 'serious' like "whats up punk!?" it was so laughable.

    The only redeeming feature of this film is the music. There were so
    many cliché scene in this film. It is a very weak film.

    Terribly acted, scripted and directed.

    Take no notice of the hype on the font of the DVD.

    Give Baby a miss as it will sorely disappoint and bore you.

  2. Buffcake from Ireland
    Apr 28, 2009

    "Live Fast, Kill young" – a mantra is born

    Before I watched this film I came on here to check it out, I didn't
    find much which was surprising, not a lot of comments, I don't think
    there is even a summary…nothing. I mean some seriously s*** films on
    this site even get a summary. But thankfully I went on and watched it.
    Definitely not disappointed. This is a little gem of a film. It gets
    everything just right, from the action to the romance. The dialogue is
    short, effective and often intense. This film really sucked me in.

    You've probably all read the hype and the comparisons to 'Boyz in the
    Hood', and I'll admit that such talk did scare me too as that is just
    one of those films that cannot be touched, just cannot be improved
    upon. Baby is different, yet just as compelling and thought provoking
    etc, its got all that deep moving s***e, with some kick ass action
    thrown in. This isn't just a 'Friday night in' movie. This is one for
    the collection to be watched again and again. Makes you ask yourself
    what you stand for and how far you'd go? (Yeah there's some of that
    deep s***e I mentioned earlier).

    As for which way the door is swinging I would say its more a guys film,
    but ladies there is some romance in there and its not all non-stop
    violence so don't be too put off. Though for the lads out there; the
    main characters in this film will make you look like a complete pussy
    in front of your woman so you may not wanna watch it with her.

    Anyway bottom line sort your life out and check this out.

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