Brother’s War movie

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Julian Barnes, Michael Berryman, Hugh Daly, Tino Struckmann, Dylan Kenin, Christa Nicole Wells, David Edelstein, Steve Effler, David Effler, Time Winters, Boris Kievsky, Anthony Vitale, Mark Doerr, Kurt Mandzukic, Jack Dimich, Tye Olson, Steve London, Olivier Gruner, Hayley Carr, Adam Leadbeater, Steve Holm, Joshua Minnick, Andreas T. Ramani, Jerry Buteyn, Brian Meredith, Chris Capen, Jeff Urquhart, Russell Schuldt, Gunther Effler, Chris Ramirez, Sonny Sullivan, David Aires, Peter Karavoulias, Anthony Ardisone, Robert Cloud, Max Van Holt, John Sliskovich, Hap Rinker, James Williford, Lisa Baker, Hans Beerbaum, Konrad Beerbaum, Max Beerbaum, Alexander Carter, Fito De la Parra, Charles Golff, Jonathan Hester, Dennis Koraiskov, Maria Matthews, Kenneth Miccio, Lance Miccio, Olympia Miccio, Yonni Rosenberg, Rick Schuldt, Eddie Underwood,


Jerry Buteyn


  1. Al Olmstead ([email protected]) from Big Spring, Texas USA
    Dec 18, 2010

    Bad story plus worse timing equals–propaganda?

    When all sides are villains, then all that's left to play hero is the
    featured motto: "order from chaos". And that is exactly the motto that
    nobody in the West wants to hear just now because its 21st Century
    translation reads alternately Problem-Reaction-Solution on one hand and
    Full-Spectrum Dominance on the other.

    The film opens with the absurd turn-about claim that there were a few
    good apples in the otherwise rotten Third Reich barrel. The German Army
    "hero" had just finished four years of murdering 40 million Soviet
    civilians; but we are expected to believe that he is shocked to witness
    Russians executing about 20 members of the Polish government in exile.
    (More astonishing yet, there is no mention of the 20,000 Polish Army
    officers executed by Stalin.) Our
    One-Good-Apple-In-The-Rotten-Nazi-Barrel then teams up with an enemy: a
    stereotypical Broomstick-Up-The-You-Know-What British Army officer who
    claims to be an unspecified "military attaché". Together, they fight
    the evil greater than both of them combined: the Soviet Union's plans
    for post-war domination of eastern Europe, including of Germany.

    Their sudden conversion to trans-national "brotherhood" follows
    discovery that they are both Freemasons. For those not up on current
    conspiracy theory lore, since 1717 the Freemasons have been one of the
    most notoriously secret of secret societies. Yes indeed, they were the
    very folks who brought us the equally notorious all-seeing eye at the
    peak of the pyramid on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill. Alex Jones
    and George Nouri fans know the Freemasons as the dreaded "Illuminati".

    The Freemason motto, "order from chaos", is also said to be the motto
    of the Rothschild family, allegedly owners of one-third of all wealth
    in the world and backers of every central bank in the West since 1776,
    including the U.S. Federal Reserve as of 1913. Critics claim that the
    motto does not mean that they will restore order when others create
    chaos. Rather, it means that they will create chaos (the problem) in
    order to terrify citizens (the reaction), who will then beg bankers to
    save us all by taking control (the solution).

    This tactic–also called "full-spectrum dominance"–rages across both
    Europe and America today; and Germany is as key a tool of today's
    bankers as it was in 1930. That was when the American Chase Bank, the
    American banker Prescott Bush (yes, THAT Bush family), American car
    maker Henry Ford, American IT inventor Thomas Watson (IBM) and American
    Telephone and Telegraph (ATT) created Adolph Hitler and financed him.
    It was also when American Margaret Sanger, together with American Bill
    Gates' father, taught Hitler's representatives the genocidal
    pseudo-science then called Eugenics but now called Planned
    Parenthood–which today takes credit for murdering 51% of
    African-Americans over the past 30 years.

    And, lo and behold, here we have an American film on a crusade to
    rehabilitate the German soldier–just when Russia has succeeded in
    joining economic forces with various European nations and just when
    Germany alone has the power to collapse the Euro as the major rival to
    the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency.

    Makers of this film are either astonishingly stupid or even more
    astonishingly well-paid to peddle pure propaganda disguised as history.
    Why stupid or well-paid? Is there even one way in which this story does
    not lead back to the Western banking establishment that has destroyed
    Europe and America so that it can now save them both with "order from

  2. celticfury63 from United States
    Aug 27, 2010

    Not a bad flick

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    Most of the reviewers here really seem to hate this movie, and I'm here
    to say it's not a bad flick. No, it's not the greatest war movie ever
    made, but they tried for accuracy and it shows. While the first battle
    scene was a little bit unrealistic – there's no way veteran infantrymen
    are going to engage armor with small arms – I liked the' look' of the
    scratch unit that was involved on the German side( I saw the
    paratrooper in the trench with the regular army grunts) the uniforms
    looked good, the German use of Soviet weapons was correct ( hell I'd
    want pp sh with the 72 round drum rather than the mp40 too), along with
    late war rifles and assault rifles, jackboots and the short boots with
    gaiters … okay enough of that, you get the picture.

    The acting ranged from fair to good (I liked the main German character
    ) and the special effects ranged from poor to very good. The script was
    okay, and I enjoyed the storyline, and though there were some confusing
    spots, I thought that the pace of the film was okay. I was never
    enthralled, but I was never bored.

    Overall, I enjoyed the film. And as for the review that commented on
    the 'bad English accent' of the English major – Dude, the guy is an
    Englishman, how bad could his accent be?

  3. rlange-3 from United States
    Aug 27, 2010

    A major disappointment — becomes almost unwatchable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    Let me agree that this movie is, as claimed, "based on real events". As
    in, there was in fact a Second World War, and there was fighting in
    Poland. Beyond that, I'm not sure that this movie is based on anything.

    Many reviewers have pointed out numerous mistakes in uniform, tactics,
    arms, and the like. I will add to that the fact that the British
    officer who becomes part of the main story group raises not a single
    eyebrow when they enter the German formation in the truck and decide to
    'help the wounded'. What could have and should have been a taut cat and
    mouse game of deception turns into yet another farce, joining the
    incredible stereotypes overplayed foppishly throughout the movie.
    Virtually all the Russians are portrayed as cruel, arrogant,
    incompetent and/or drunk. The Gestapo are like caricatures from Hogan's
    Heroes, except we are meant to take them seriously.

    Anyone looking for a good World War 2 movie about the undercovered
    battles in Poland during the Nazi retreat will be disappointed by this
    film. It's only real value is that it addresses a seldom seen aspect of
    the war; it's too bad that it does it so poorly.

  4. jamessmythe505 from United States
    Aug 25, 2010

    The worst excuse for a WWII movie i have ever seen

    Where do I even begin? The plot jumps from character to character
    without any explanation of what is happening in the background. The
    "German" soldiers are 100% American, and do not even attempt a German
    accent. the main British soldiers also switch in and out of fake
    British accents. The main German characters are using Russian issued
    weapons. When people get shot,miraculously, they do not bleed. In fact,
    when most weapons are shot, you can tell that the sound and flash were
    added afterward, and the actors are just faking the kick. Some of the
    super-close up shots are filmed with blanks, but the majority of it is
    CGI. 2 men will hide behind a tree as big as my leg, and fight off an
    entire platoon…magically, there are no bullet holes in the tree. As
    far as acting goes, it goes from bad to worse as soon as the first
    scene is over. I love corny movies and bad acting, but it gets to a
    point where it's just too bad for words. I watched 3 chapters of this
    movie, and couldn't take it…I skipped forward to each chapter and
    tried to watch a little bit of each one,but it just kept getting worse.
    PLEASE do not waste your time!!!!

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