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Gérard Depardieu, Sara Forestier, Monica Bellucci, Michel Vuillermoz, Vincent Nemeth, Seidy Lopez, Jean Dell, Michaël Abiteboul, Bernard Campan, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Edouard Baer, Farida Rahouadj, François Rollin, Jean Barney, Baptiste Roussillon, Fabienne Chaudat, Thomas Badek, Bruno Abraham-Kremer, Valérie Karsenti, Cécile Brams, Bertrand Blier,


Bertrand Blier


  1. kneiss1 from Germany
    Aug 20, 2010

    Great actor, awful movie

    This is one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. Usually that is a
    reason for me to like a movie, but in this case, the movie was so
    absurd, that simply everything got destroyed. Characters,
    conversations, story – simply everything, absurd, unrealistic even
    silly and pathetic. I felt like watching a movie created by a senile
    man, that totally lost track of the reality.

    I guess this movie wanted to be funny, sadly it didn't even make me
    smile. I guess this movie wanted to be romantic and passionate, but it
    felt artificial and wasn't convincing at any point. I guess the movie
    wanted to teach us something… I failed to get it. If I would have at
    least understood a message the film wants to give us, I might have
    accepted it as art and would have accepted all the absurdity along with
    it. If the jokes would have been funny, I could have accepted the movie
    as comedy. – All I did during the movie, was to shake my head. This
    movie didn't offer anything to me beside some beautiful and sexy
    pictures of Monica Beluci. Even the great actors (I mainly mean Gerard
    Depardieu) have not been able to save this movie.

  2. axismladen from Croatia
    Jun 20, 2010

    Deserves one star but i'm giving it two because of Monica Bellucci ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    think it would spoil anything for you since the movie is already as bad
    as possible!!!

    This movie is just terrible! No story no nothing. This was probably the
    worst script ever to become a movie. Really terrible. Okay, acting
    wasn't that bad. It was even kinda good but it really can't be
    appreciated in a movie as bad as this one. I really have no idea what
    was it about! The ugly guy that would never stand a chance to be with a
    woman like her ''pays'' her to be with him but, unfortunately, it
    turn's out to be that a mobster is in love with her also. The mobster,
    played by Gerard Depardieu, is probably the dullest character ever
    made. As it seems, he actually mind's her having sex with this guy but
    he doesn't mind the fact that she's a prostitute. Are you kidding me???
    That makes no sense!!!

    Even Monica Bellucci, who i usually adore and find beautiful, can't and
    wont make me watch this movie again! This is really bad! Do your self a
    favor and don't see it!!!!

  3. XavissimuS from PariS
    Apr 12, 2009

    How much is-it a movie? (DVD)

    Calling this a movie would be exaggerate because almost all the story
    happens in a flat. Yes, it is the trademark of French movies and that's
    why in my opinion, the movies are rather dull. It's close of stage
    performance without the live add-on.

    Nevertheless, the cast are pretty excellent to support a very ironic,
    coarse script. For one time, Monica Belluci has a lot of lines to say
    and it's always a pleasure to hear her accent. Above all, I think that
    the more she speaks, the more she can prove her actress talent instead
    of relying to much on her sex-appeal.

    If Blier is talented enough to tell a story, I regret that he lacks
    some better inspiration. Watching the DVD bonus, you understand him
    better because he delivers good speech about film-making while cooking.
    I really got the feeling that he is a apt pupil but a bit lazy.

    And again a french DVD without the subtitles! Thanks for the deaf
    audience, really!

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