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  1. D_Burke from United States
    Oct 30, 2010

    "Coneheads" Will Extract Pleasurable Tones From Blunt Skulls

    "Coneheads" is yet another film based on a recurring Saturday Night
    Live sketch. At the time of its release, it was the third SNL-based
    movie created following "The Blues Brothers" (1980) and "Wayne's World"
    (1992). While not as funny as the aforementioned films, it is only a
    notch below them. Worse SNL movies were to come (i.e. "It's Pat: The
    Movie" (1994), "A Night At The Roxbury" (1999)), but "Coneheads" stands
    today as a very funny mix of comedy and science fiction.

    The early Saturday Night Live sketches vaguely explained how the
    Coneheads came to Earth. Most of its humor came from the fact that the
    humans, or "blunt skulls", never suspected the Coneheads to be aliens
    from another planet, despite the oh-so obviously large foreheads. The
    fact that their last names are "Conehead" never seems to counter
    Earthlings' obliviousness, either. This movie takes some of its humor
    from the humans' obvious lack of observational skills, but it's really
    Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtan's consistent disappearance into these
    character that really makes the movie funny. They talk in monotone
    voices and spew out complicated alien jargon without missing a beat,
    and they use the film's special effects to their advantage.

    I also liked how, because the last Coneheads sketch was 14 years prior
    to this movie's release, the movie started from the beginning,
    explaining how Beldar (Aykroyd) and Prymatt (Curtan) landed on Earth in
    modern-day America, and worked their way from a hotel room to the
    projects to the suburbs. While I missed Laraine Newman as Connie
    (although Newman does make an appearance as Laarta, another Conehead in
    a later scene), it made perfect sense to have a younger, teenage Connie
    (Michelle Burke) with an American accent. Although the subplot where
    she begins dating 29-year-old mechanic Ronnie (Chris Farley) still
    seems creepy to me, considering her character was supposed to be 15 or
    16, I thought Burke added a really nice touch to what could have been a
    Dan Aykroyd impersonation.

    The main conflict of the film served as an interesting analogy to
    illegal immigration, but had some definite plot holes. You find out in
    the film that Beldar and Prymatt land on Earth accidentally, and stay
    not because they want to, but because a rescue ship will take seven
    Zerl's to reach them. According to a site I found using Google
    (, one Zerl is equal to
    approximately 2.17 Earth years, thereby making their stay just over 15
    years. Based on that fact, a giant plot hole emerges when INS agents
    and antagonists Gorman Seedling (Michael McKean) and Eli Turnbull
    (David Spade) don't age at all over that time period.

    Also, near the end, the rescue ship finally comes for the Coneheads,
    and it seems to take about a day to travel back to Remulak, their
    native planet. Although I thought the home planet in this movie was
    among the coolest parts, I still could not get over that plot hole. Why
    it took over a decade and a half to bring a ship over, yet it didn't
    take that long to go from Earth to Remulak and back, is never
    explained, and weakens the story a bit.

    However, other parts in the film otherwise made me laugh. The best
    parts were when the Coneheads interacted with humans in the outside
    world. Also, perhaps better than any other SNL movie to date, having
    numerous former and (then) current Not Ready For Primetime Players in
    various roles large and small served as a great tribute to "Saturday
    Night Live". There were also a few cameos from then-unknown stand-up
    comedians who would go on to be big stars (Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Carey,
    Eddie Griffin).

    "The Blues Brothers", "Wayne's World", and "Wayne's World 2" (1993)
    were hard movies to top, but "Coneheads", while not great, is pretty
    funny, and miles away from the notoriously bad SNL movies that were to
    come. It suffered mostly from its story line, but otherwise used
    special effects wisely to effectively elicit laughs. It's a good movie
    to watch after you have consumed mass quantities and want to get a good
    laugh while you digest.

  2. sddavis63 ([email protected]) from Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada
    Oct 25, 2010

    A Fine Comedy Born Out Of SNL

    There's absolutely nothing – not a single thing – in this movie that
    can be taken seriously, which is probably why it's so enjoyable for the
    most part to watch. Based on a skit from Saturday Night Live (when SNL
    was really in its heyday) this is a fun look at the lives of the
    Coneheads – Beldar and Prymatt and their daughter Connie, a family of
    pointy headed aliens who get stuck on earth and have to blend in among
    the "bluntskulls," claiming to be from France (which no one ever
    questions) and enjoying such earth delicacies as "charred mammal flesh"
    and "flattened chicken embryos." Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin (as Beldar
    and Prymatt) demonstrate remarkable talent just in being able to get
    through this with relatively straight faces. Michelle Burke as the
    Conehead daughter Connie had a less demanding role – Connie having been
    born on earth had fewer adjustment issues to deal with. The part of the
    story dealing with the Coneheads being pursued by a couple of
    over-enthusiastic immigration agents (played by David Spade and Michael
    McKean) was perhaps an unnecessary addition to the story, and somehow
    the story seemed to lose its footing a bit once the Coneheads returned
    to their home planet of Remulak. In what was so obviously intended to
    be a silly movie, much of the Remulak storyline came across as too
    silly. Simply watching the Coneheads attempting to blend in to human
    society would have been sufficiently enjoyable.

    The movie has a surprisingly low rating here, suggesting to me that
    many people are perhaps treating it too seriously. It's a silly movie
    that's clearly intending to be a silly movie. To over-analyze it and
    look for weaknesses is to do it an injustice. Accept it for what it is
    and it will provide an overall very enjoyable 90 minutes.

  3. William Bean from MDR
    Apr 16, 2010

    One of the best comedic Sci-Fi movies around

    It isn't serious at all. What the writers, actors, and director did was
    take a repeating skit on SNL and expand it.

    In the process they made these rather odd alien characters familiar,
    flawed (and therefore human), and endearing. This is no small feat.
    They are odd in the extreme eating toilet paper, light bulbs, and
    talking in jargon laced monotone.

    But in doing that they also made life on earth and the simple pleasures
    we all enjoy, something to be appreciated…from an outsider's point of

    I think another thing that makes the movie a joy to watch is the high
    production values. It's a comedy about a richly detailed alien culture
    with first-rate sets, interesting devices, crazy and funny characters
    (most of the humans are deeply flawed) and some of the best stop-motion
    animation ever filmed. The Nafle the Garthog scene would have deeply
    impressed Ray Harryhausen.

    Continuity was high, the acting quite good (comedy is said to be the
    hardest thing to do), sets and scenery nicely done and the story itself
    with a nice easy to follow story arc and a (gasp) happy ending. What
    else would anyone want in the way of light entertainment?

  4. AmericanPsycho2010 from United States
    Oct 06, 2009

    I Love This Movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    This one is such a classic. I don't know why so many people hate it. I
    found it very funny all the way through.

    What surprised me when viewing it after haven't seeing it for over 10
    years is that most of the SNL cast is in this movie. I found them to be
    pretty funny.

    *Spoiler Alert*

    The movie revolves around a couple of aliens who get left on Earth and
    they can't leave Earth for a long period of time so the alien couple
    try to adapt on Earth by starting a family and living among the people
    of Earth. The movie is called Coneheads because of the top of their
    head is shaped like a cone.

    *End Spoiler*

    The movie is very funny. I would recommend everybody see this. I was
    pleasantly surprised to find it just as funny as I did 10 years ago.
    Don't worry, Dan Aykroyd and the rest of the SNL cast won't disappoint
    you. Pick it up for some good laughs.

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