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Michael Bowen, Andrew DiPalma, Robert McMurrer, Candice Accola, Noah Segan, Shiloh Fernandez, David Alan Graf, Nolan Gerard Funk, Christina Masterson, Eric Podnar, Christina Blevins, Kelle Cantwell, Bridget Daily, Dustin Hess, Susan Marie Keller, Casey Morgan, Timothy Muskatell, Jenny Spain, Dawson Van Pelt, Luke Van Pelt, Jessica Lynn Wilson, Crystal Young,


Marcel Sarmiento


  1. MatthewKerr from United States
    Dec 20, 2010


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    I rented this movie on iTunes, remembering seeing the trailer from the
    DVD of 'House Of The Devil', and I had very low expectations. I had
    read some reviews saying it was not good, but I gave it a shot because
    of Candice Accola, who I am a fan of. This movie was emotionally and
    physically disturbing. I usually do not cringe during movies, but this
    was very disgusting, even for me. The acting is amazing. Shilo
    Fernandez was such a believable character with so many issues, it just
    made me feel so sad. Candice Accola did a fantastic job as well, and
    not just because I am a fan of hers. The only thing that kind of made
    me skeptical was that the plot did not entirely advance throughout the
    movie. It mostly stayed the same, until the last 20-30 minutes or so.
    It was very still good though, and the ending was a huge cliffhanger. I
    am very glad that I rented this, and I would highly recommend it to
    other horror film-goers.

  2. Moogy Lou from Plymouth, UK
    Nov 25, 2010

    Very Strange and Disturbing Insight Into A Pair of Male Minds..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    Haha, ignore the title; if you have seen this movie I'm hoping you
    don't know or ever know someone who would do anything that is depicted
    in this movie. If you do, break all relations!

    Firstly, I had no idea what I was going to see when I sat down to watch
    'Deadgirl.' What I ended up viewing was not only disturbing but had
    elements of dark humour, utter disgust and some really odd morals.

    We're introduced to two college boys, JT and Ricky, who decide to skip
    school and check out an abandoned mental hospital. Or so it seems. They
    discover a woman, naked and strapped to a table. Ricky, being the more
    'intelligent' lad, decides it's a weird situation and leaves. JT
    meanwhile, decides to mess about with this girl. He discovers that
    she's what appears to be a zombie and suggests to Ricky to use her as
    their sex slave.

    Already, we're weirded out by JT's scarily psychotic suggestion. We are
    also divided on what this 'Deadgirl' was going to do. She's seemingly
    vacant on everything that's going on (and what happens) but also how
    she might be waiting for something..

    There's lots of cool scenes including an infamous one featuring an
    unlucky guy's nether regions. Very gruesome and guaranteed to make
    anyone cringe.

    The movie also features a scene where the two guys (and another friend
    who enjoys corpses) try to kidnap another woman. Said woman gets the
    upper hand on all three making for a humorous scene showing that these
    guys don't actually have any kind of authority or strength over a
    normal woman.

    The music is also very cool and goes with the pace of the film

    The acting is pretty good on most parts, mainly from Noah Segan who
    played the freaky JT with perfect 'evil-ness'.

    Overall, this is a movie that's only classed as horror for the kind-of
    dead/zombie girl. The rest is a movie that makes you wonder; would two
    relatively normal teenagers ACTUALLY have sex with a zombie?

    Who knows? Original, spooky, gruesome and disturbing. Must add to your

  3. stormlifter from United States
    Oct 31, 2010

    Not worth the ride

    A movie that essentially gives you all the depravity you need to
    believe the story, but then does not follow through by rewarding your
    patience and iron-stomach.

    The film is just not powerful enough to be really art and ends up just
    being a disturbing visual that leaves you really really wishing for
    more and then just being upset that the writers just dropped the ball
    so bad.

    The film fails hard enough that the ride of the disturbing situations
    and having to think that any man would do the things in this movie is
    just not worth it. The writers do no reward the audience with any
    substance and spend far too much time on the horrible situation without
    writing anything in that could say anything other than "man can be
    horribly, unbelievably evil".

    I do NOT recommend you watch this movie at all, no matter what you
    think you're going to get from this, you just won't. All you'll get is
    that "some men are just incredibly evil".

    Do yourself a favor and watch something else. This isn't a zombie movie
    either by the way. I found this movie on a top 20 list of zombies. This
    movie doesn't qualify as being a part of the zombie genre. This is a
    sadistic horror film. Whomever put this movie on that list is a
    terrible person with a bad sense of humor.

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