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Forest Whitaker


  1. Raul Faust from Brazil
    Nov 18, 2010

    American teenagers will love this

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    First of all, the synopsis of this film just told us that James was an
    agent, not just a boy in the crowd. I think it'd be a better idea if
    they let us know that throughout the movie, or just when Samantha found
    it out.

    The idea of the movie isn't bad, but it was released in a very similar
    way one year before in a movie called "What a Girl Wants". It was funny
    for me when Sam got mad at James and began acting naughty just to get
    him jealous. It really happens in real life, my ex-girlfriend did
    exactly the same few time after we broke-up.

    Summarizing, the director could had been more audacious and less
    worried about the critics, cause I noticed some kind of "I won't do
    this because that group of people won't take it easy". Or he could have
    transformed "First Daughter" into a drama history – probably would had
    worked much better.

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