John Q movie


  1. pmerle-allan from United States
    Nov 19, 2010

    Patchy. Cliché.

    This movie is a dramatic bit about a lone man fighting an oppressive
    system, fused with something like one of the Ghost Busters films. It
    comes out awkward and predictable. It's really difficult to suspend
    disbelief; logistically the hostage situation is laughably unrealistic.
    The subplots are out of place and the attempts at comedy are weak.
    Nothing really gels, and towards the end I got this sinking feeling
    that I just wasted some time on a boring and insubstantial movie. The
    whole story should have been shrunk down to a prime time drama at best.
    Sorry, but the 6.7 IMDb rating at the time I wrote this was outright
    misleading. This movie basically sucks.

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