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Laura Summer, Devon Bostick, Nora Zehetner, Rebecca Northan, Jasmine Richards, Kip Pardue, Mya Rylyn Banks, Deborah Grover, Mallory Margel, Libby Adams, Nicole Gale Anderson, Andrew Craig, Matthew Edison, Mayko Nguyen, Shileen Paton, Ashley Wright,


Mark Rosman


  1. random_avenger from Finland
    Sep 04, 2010


    Classical princess fairy tales never go out of fashion: this time the
    story is set in present day America, where a reclusive girl named
    Ithaca (Nora Zehetner) lives in a luxurious castle with many servants
    and is seen as an eccentric princess of sorts by the locals. When a
    handsome but not very wealthy young man named Will Humphries (Kip
    Pardue) gets to meet her at a charity ball, it seems to be love at
    first sight for both of them. But she is not an ordinary princess, and
    there are many obstacles hindering their romance – both regular and
    more otherworldly ones.

    At first the movie seems terribly clichéd in its overflowing
    romanticism: the laughably emotional music, the idyllic castle setting,
    the richly coloured cinematography and even some sweeping camera
    movements aggressively rub the style in the face of the audience.
    However, considering its background as a modern day princess tale, all
    this can be accepted as awareness of the conventions of the fairytale
    genre. The actual romance between the two leads is very hackneyed
    boy-meets-girl stuff, but the fantasy elements help to move the
    attention away from the by-the-numbers nature of the romantic plot
    line. In any case, the beautiful Nora Zehetner suits her role well,
    vastly overshadowing the rather bland Kip Pardue.

    The adventure story regarding the search for the next princess is
    fairly entertaining for what it is, even though the CGI effects are
    anything but good-looking. There are also run-of-the-mill comedic
    scenes that may amuse undemanding audiences, mainly based on Matthew
    Edison's character as Louis, Will's loudmouthed friend frustrated with
    his pregnant wife Sophie (Mayko Nguyen). In summary, Princess achieves
    what it was going for fairly well. The movie's goals may not have been
    very ambitious, but the different elements of the story manage to
    support each other and keep the whole from feeling overly trite. I
    think friends of princess fairy tales can easily enjoy the light little
    movie regardless of age (even though certain scenes may feel a bit too
    exciting for the very youngest viewers).

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