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Alicia Lorén, James Russo, Jeffrey Combs, Diane Ayala Goldner, Matteo Indelicato, Angus Scrimm, George Tovar, Rick Dean, Michael Gaglio, Annie Sorell, Brett Erickson, Eliza Swenson, Brian Burnett, Lauren Emmel, Priscilla Jones, Andrea Kennedy, Clara Houser, Debbie Martinez,


Dan Golden


  1. Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Sep 04, 2009

    A Messy Screenplay

    After a car crash, the teenager Michelle (Annie Sorell) has the face
    completely destroyed and amnesia. In the hospital, she is called Bride
    of Mummy due to the mask she needs to wear along her therapy. However,
    her doctor makes a perfect facial reconstruction using family pictures
    and Michelle is discharged from the hospital and sent to a home that
    lodges young offenders since she was considered a troublemaker before
    the car crash. The police release her possessions of the day of the
    accident – a journal and an Ouija board – and Michelle moves with the
    host Bisson (Rick Dean) to his house. On the same day she leaves the
    hospital, the janitor is murdered. Michelle shares a room with the
    outcast delinquent Dalia (Eliza Swenson) and she has dreadful
    nightmares during the night and is confused. She befriends Larry (Brett
    Erickson), who shares another room in the house with Dutch (Brian
    Burnett), and tries to help her. When Dalia is found dead in the room
    with cuts in the wrists, the evidences are of suicide; however
    Detective Joyner (Jeffrey Combs) suspects that Michelle is the
    responsible for the murders.

    The greatest attraction of "Satanic" is certainly the name of the cult-
    actor Jeffrey Combs in the credits, but unfortunately he has a minor
    role. The screenplay is a complete mess, with a poor development of the
    characters; and the worse, this lack of information of the characters
    is part of the predictable plot point. The unknown Annie Sorell is
    completely miscast in the role of a teenager since she is certainly
    twenty and something years old. The same happens to Eliza Swenson. The
    conclusion is terrible, with many deaths without any consequence. My
    vote is three.

    Title (Brazil): "Jogos Satânicos" ("Satanic Games")

  2. Paul Andrews ([email protected]) from UK
    Dec 07, 2008

    Boring none event of a horror film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    Satanic starts as teenager Michelle (Annie Sorell) wakes up in hospital
    with amnesia & her face completely bandaged up, surgeon Doctor Barbary
    (Angus Scrimm) tells Michelle she was involved in a horrific car
    accident that has left her with no face, no memory of who she is or was
    & her father (George Tovar) dead. Barbary says to Michelle that he can
    recreate her face with the use of family photo's & that nobody will
    ever be able to tell the difference which he does with amazing success,
    with both her parents dead & memory loss Michelle is placed into
    Harmony House a halfway stop for troubled teens run by Bisson (Rick
    Dean) & his wife Jackie (Diane Goldner). Once there Michelle tries to
    regain her memory & find out who she is but terrifying nightmares & a
    constant feeling something is wrong means Michelle doesn't settle &
    when her fellow troubled teens start to turn up dead there appears to
    be more to Michelle & her past than everyone first thought…

    Sitting down to watch the very bland, mundane & generically titled
    Satanic last night I had never heard of it before, I didn't know what
    it was about & my hopes were not too hight but seeing genre favourite &
    fine actor Jeffrey Combs name appear during the credits peaked my
    interest a bit although one has to say that Satanic can be summed up
    quite nicely by saying Combs is the best aspect of it yet he has
    nothing more than a cameo that last's for no more than five minutes
    which he probably shot in half a day. Co-produced & directed by Dan
    Golden I would describe Satanic as a supernatural thriller that isn't
    very supernatural apart from some rubbish about a Ouija board &
    definitely isn't very thrilling due to it's snail like pace. I suppose
    whether you will like Satanic will depend on how good you find the
    twist ending, I must admit it did wake me up a bit & the basic concept
    is actually solid but like the rest of the film it's done in such a
    poor, cheap, lifeless & lethargic way that it doesn't have the impact
    that it should. The main problem with Satanic is that the first seventy
    odd minutes is nothing more than a really boring build-up to the twist
    which feels like it goes on forever, this might have worked better as a
    shorter, sharper thirty odd minutes Tales from the Crypt (1989 – 1996)
    style horror anthology episode. Look, more or less nothing happens for
    over an hour & then it tries to pack in a twist & becomes some sort of
    teen slasher in the final twenty odd minutes.

    Apparently this had the working title Demon Board & the whole film
    looks pretty cheap throughout, even the supposed halfway house just
    looks like an ordinary house. There's not that much horror here,
    there's not much gore either. There's a burnt face, someone's wrist's
    are slashed, a couple of dead bodies are seen with a bit of blood
    splatter but nothing to write home about.

    With a supposed budget of about $120,000 Satanic looks as low budget as
    it was apparently was. I would suspect that a bit of that budget was
    spent on a couple of familiar genre faces with Jeffrey Combs (who needs
    a new agent) & Angus Scrimm who is probably best know to horror fans as
    the Tall Man from the Phantasm series of flicks.

    Satanic is a rather dull, forgettable & boring film that doesn't really
    have anything going for it apart from a couple of cameo's from genre
    favourites & a reasonable twist ending that could have been the films
    saving grace if it had been done properly. Not good.

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