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Roy Jenson, John Dennis, Charlton Heston, Mike Henry, Dick Van Patten, Chuck Connors, Leigh Taylor-Young, Stephen Young, Joseph Cotten, Whit Bissell, Cyril Delevanti, Edward G. Robinson, Brock Peters, Paula Kelly, Lincoln Kilpatrick, Leonard Stone, Celia Lovsky, Morgan Farley, John Barclay, Belle Mitchell, Forrest Wood, Faith Quabius, Jane Dulo, Tim Herbert, Jan Bradley, Carlos Romero, Pat Houtchens, Joyce Williams, Erica Hagen, Beverly Gill, Suesie Eejima, Cheri Howell, Kathy Silva, Jennifer King, Marion Charles, Robert Ito, Ida Mae McKenzie, Richard Sterne,


Richard Fleischer


  1. (albertoveronese) from Switzerland
    Dec 01, 2010

    Never forget the world as it once was

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    Richard Fleischer's Soylent Green (1973) is one of my favorite film.
    One of the truly unforgettable moments in cinema film history is here
    in all its brilliance and glory: it is the scene in the death chamber,
    when Thorn (Charlton Heston) shares Sol Roth's (Edward G. Robinson)
    dying moment and his last remembering of the world as it once was. It
    overwhelms me each time I watch it, because it's a magnificent hymn to
    what cinema really is and can force out; a film projected on a large
    screen reveals the majestic natural beauty of our earth, a film exposes
    the unbelievable atrocities and devastation around us, a film unveils
    the beauty in a human being… In his dying breath Roth says to Thor: –
    "Can you see it?" and "Isn't it beautiful?" It's only from this moment
    on that Thor can realize what he and the rest of the world have lost,
    it's only from this moment on that Thor can fight for a better tomorrow
    and truly understand his friend… it is only from this moment on that
    we (the audience) can rightfully disclose the subtleties and power of
    the film we're just watching!

  2. Lee M. Hester from San Jose, California
    Sep 05, 2010

    Soylent Green-Not just for Tuesdays!

    I just got around to seeing Soylent Green for the first time. Somehow I
    got it into my head that it was a trashy movie. Maybe all the spoofs
    and parodies of it colored my judgement. I started watching the DVD
    expecting some trashy fun.

    My expectations changed very quickly. The film starts on a very strong
    footing with a musical photo-montage that deftly conveys the effects if
    the industrial revolution, overcrowding, and pollution. There is
    another montage near the end of the movie, as well. These portions of
    the film are incredibly striking and powerful. It's some of the most
    evocative film-making I've seen. They are the high points of the film,
    and are so bold, that they would be reason, enough to see this film.

    The rest of the film is uneven, but is still watchable and compelling.
    There is a great deal of provocative material here, and it will have
    you pondering it for days.

    The film is set in the future, but most of the sets look very much like
    the 1970s when it was filmed. One exception is an apartment where the
    very rich dwell. It has an interesting white- hued futuristic look. The
    apartment comes complete with what, at the time, was a great futuristic
    advance-one of the first arcade style video games, created by Nolan
    Bushnell who went on to found Atari. It probably looked pretty cool at
    the time, but now it looks like a primitive version of Asteroids. It
    doesn't help that the actress playing with it does not seem to have a
    clue how to operate it. Her ships keep dying every second or two, yet
    she is oblivious to this and acts like she's having a grand time.
    Couldn't someone on the set have spent a few minutes teaching her how
    to play it? Despite all that, I thought it was a neat scene, and I was
    pleased to see that vintage game. I think i remember playing it!

    You have to make allowances. We are a bit spoiled now. Movies such as
    Blade Runner and the 5th Element have a fully realized futuristic world
    with all the little details shown to perfection. You almost take it
    that for granted now. Video games have come a long way, for that
    matter. I hope we don't get so spoiled by the current technology that
    we are no longer willing or able to supply some of our own sense of

    In Soylent Green, you don't see a thing that suggests a futuristic
    world for much of the picture. This can be forgiven because there is
    great acting by the principals, Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson
    in his last film appearance. There are also a profusion of thought
    provoking ideas. You probably know the shock ending of this film. Few
    people won't know this big reveal going in. It's common knowledge
    whether or not you've seen the film. That's not the main attraction of
    the film. Enjoyment of it does not depend on the shock ending.

    Soylent Green is not a trashy movie. It's a great , thought-provoking
    near masterpiece with good acting and great scenes. If you are a film
    buff, or a science fiction fan, you'll definitely want to see this one!

  3. majesticmeteor from United States
    Aug 25, 2010

    An iconic gem of the 70s

    OMG, this flick is like SO COOL!

    Rest assured that you wont be disappointed in the quality of hawt
    chicks contained in this film.

    Of particular interest to me is the oh so erotic Paula Kelly, omg she
    is smoking' hawt, I want her SO BAD! And "The Furniture Girls" will
    stand up any guy's wood any day.

    But hey, what's really cool is how Chuck Heston tells Leigh Taylor
    Young to "Get on the bed," and she does, just like a good Ho is meant
    to do… damn-it I wish it was 2022 and biatches would be as hawt and
    obedient as they are in this "Soylent Green" flick.

    Another cool aspect of this film, is how Chuck has a black man superior
    at work, and there's a black priest, too. Keep in mind this freaky
    flick was filmed in 1972.

    You're damn straight I'm forever thankful I downloaded this for free
    from ThePirateBay, and am now putting it in a flash-drive for eternity,
    so's that I might occasionally watch this gem again and again
    throughout the years… but mostly just fast-forward to the parts where
    the hot chicks shine like supernovas of erotic delight.

    If for no other reason just rent or download this sucker for the thrill
    of Paula Kelly's scenes. You will become stricken for a passion for
    chocolate love surely.

  4. gcd70 from Melbourne, Australia
    May 28, 2010

    Campy b-grade sci-fi

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    Campy, b-grade sci-fi could have become a cult classic had it been done
    a little better – perhaps more like "Bladerunner", a film that has
    become a perennial classic.

    What lets "Soylent Green" down is the lack of imagination from the set
    designers and art crew. All we see here is a 2022 that resembles a poor
    man's 1970's. No special effort has been made to make this look even
    remotely futuristic. There are no special effects evident.

    Charlton Heston surprises us with his appearance in a film such as
    this, as does the enjoyable Edward G. Robinson (scene-chewer
    extraordinaire from such films as "Double Indemnity" – 1944).

    Monday, January 10, 2000 – Video

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