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Omar Sharif, Mira Sorvino, Russell Yuen, Christian Paul, Kenneth Welsh, Jason Cavalier, Mark Antony Krupa, Victor Garber, Larry Day, Edward Yankie, Andrew Farmer, Stéphane Demers, Peter Michael Dillon, Paul-Antoine Taillefer, Vlasta Vrana, Kevin Woodhouse, Anthony Lemke, Ken Tran, Craig Thomas, Christopher Backus, Joseph Antaki, Rebecca Windheim, Scott Foley, Danny Blanco Hall, Christian Grenier, Mario Davignon, Adam Bramble, Claudia Ferri, Jowanna Lévesque, Stéphane Gagnon, Mohamed Ould Soussi, Don Jordan, Mark Lambert, Jennifer Marcil, Elkahna Talbi, Igor Ovadis, Michael Mando, Patrick Costello,


Paolo Barzman


  1. jaybeekraft-esq from Palestine, TX
    Dec 23, 2010

    A Pretty Good Beginning Goes Off a Cliff

    This movie is so uneven that it is hard to believe it is the work of
    one writer. After an interesting and exciting start with the daring
    robbery of a Vatican exhibit at a Manhattan museum by knights on
    horseback dressed as Templars, stealing treasures including (guess
    what) a Templar decoding machine. This part of the movie is a decent
    heist / caper movie, and it's hard to dislike Mira Scorvino in
    anything. Tess is a likable, plucky female (rich) archaeologist and
    single mom, who gave up her life of adventurous excavations to stay
    home and take care of her daughter as her dad never had. Scenes with
    homages to the "Indiana Jones / Tomb Raider" genre abound. Of course,
    our robbers made a fatal mistake by stealing a key discovery of her
    late father of the "Cross of Constantine".

    Interspersed are somewhat confusing and garbled flashbacks that look
    like blurred outtakes from "Kingdom of Heaven", which basically serve
    to distract one from the uneven scenes and obscure the pretense of a
    plot. We have in this movie unscrupulous archeologists, evil minions of
    the Vatican dedicated to assuring the truth stays buried, and cameos by
    the CIA, the FBI, and the NYPD. Scenes and dialog almost seem lifted at
    points from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", and absolutely
    miraculous coincidences and discoveries abound. Then we have the
    "recovery of the Titanic" portion of the movie, or is it "The Perfect
    Storm". I could talk about how sad this movie comes in the really
    wasted role of Omar Sharif as a Christian holy man on a Greek (?)
    island who rescues Tess and her FBI guy. The parallels between the
    ending of this movie on the cliff and parallel to "The Last Crusade"
    where the Templars' fake "Gospel of Yeshua" blows away in the wind.
    They treat ancient technology (an astrolabe) like it was a modern GPS.

    Worth watching for a laugh.

  2. Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Nov 28, 2010

    Something Is Missing

    In New York, during the opening of the exposition of the Treasures of
    the Vatican for the public, four criminals posing as Templar knights
    break in the museum riding horses and heist the valuable artifacts. The
    archaeologist Dr. Tess Chaykin (Mira Sorvino) steals the horse of a
    policeman and chases and captures one thief with Red Cross of
    Constantine. The FBI Agent Sean Daley (Scott Foley) teams up with Tess
    that learns that the criminals' prime intention is a decoder mechanical
    device that can provide the location of the Templar treasure. They
    travel to Turkey where Tess expects to find the treasure and discover a
    conspiracy of the Church to keep classified information in secret to
    protect the Catholic Church.

    Yesterday I saw "The Last Templar" on a DVD just released in Brazil and
    I did not know that this is a mini-series. The DVD has 171 minutes
    running time; therefore the original series was edited and 69 minutes
    are missing. The edited film is too long and boring, without the
    suitable pace of an action movie, but it would be unfair to criticize
    this aspect since it is not the work of the director but the producer.
    The romantic corny conclusion is awful. I am a big fan of Mira Sorvino
    and the shape of this gorgeous actress is amazing and she does not look
    to be a forty-three year-old woman.

    The lame screenplay is dreadful, with ridiculous situation such as: (1)
    Tess cries to the thief in the heist to return the Constantine Cross
    that does not belong to him; (2) Tess investigates the case with
    several murders by herself, holding information that might have helped
    the official investigation, and is released by FBI; (3) The Catholic
    agent does not drink coffee in the Lent, but he shags a woman that he
    has just known; (4) The experienced archaeologist Tess drives reckless
    on the streets to show off to Sean; (5) A city buried by a volcano has
    light and only dust inside the building; (6) In a perfect storm with a
    huge wave, the perfect attitude is to jump overboard. There are many
    other silly and stupid situations that make the film a comedy, and not
    a suspenseful adventure. My vote is four.

    Title (Brazil): "O Último Templário" ("The Last Templar")

  3. IlluSionS667 from Belgium
    Jul 24, 2010

    An ode to ignorance

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    If you are familiar with the action/detective/adventure genre we know
    from classics like the "Indiana Jones" franchise or the franchise built
    around Dan Brown and perhaps the quite bad "National Treasure"
    franchise or "Lost City Raiders", there is little "The Last Templar"
    has to offer. Most of the mini-series I felt like I was watching a
    poorly acted, poorly researched, poorly scripted, poorly directed
    extended remake of "The Da Vinci Code" with a little bit of "Indiana
    Jones" thrown in the mix, that somehow managed to add a pro-Catholic

    At the very start of the mini-series, I just new I was not going to
    like it. While there's an exposition of ancient Vatican artifacts being
    held in the middle of New York City, four men fully dressed in medieval
    Templar outfits are riding their horses through the metropolis, somehow
    not being stopped by police officers. Then they ride inside the
    exposition area after first decapitating a guard, steal a whole bunch
    of artifacts and ride off into the night.

    The only valid reason I could think of why these guys would wear such
    an anachronistic outfit to go rob an exposition was if they were actual
    Templars in their authentic outfits who traveled through time, but this
    just wasn't that kind of story. The more I hoped for an alternative
    explanation, the more I got disappointed when it turned out they never
    even cared to offer one. We were told that one of the artifacts was a
    Templar artifact and one of the robbers was an expert on Templar
    history, but that's really all the clues we get on why the robbers came
    up with the ludicrous idea to use horses and medieval outfits. Did they
    really expect that anyone with more than two brain cells would find it
    remotely plausible that four men dressed as Templars and riding on
    horses rob an exposition of ancient artifacts in the center of New York
    City?! But let's not stop here. The Indiana Jane of our story (Mira
    Sorvino, why are do doing this?) runs after the robbers in her cocktail
    dress and high heels, steals a police horse and ancient pope staff in
    the process, continues to follow the robbers and then manages to knock
    one of them out in some park (Central Park?). After being arrested when
    taking an artifact from the knocked out robber, she's nearly instantly
    believed by the FBI agent that's put on the case who decides to let her

    This pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the mini-series and the
    plot never becomes any more credible than in the first few scenes I
    just described. The foreign locations are hilariously unauthentic, the
    Templar mythology is childish, the events taking place are too
    contrived to take seriously and the main characters seem to make all
    the right decisions while at the same time coming off as incredibly
    naive. Besides our Indiana Jane's (actually it's Tess Chaykin, but I
    prefer to call her Indiana Jane) little daughter, none of the important
    characters seemed remotely believable in what they said or did. I
    suspect this indicates the mental age of the people involved.

    While these are already more than enough reasons to think of this as a
    horrible mini-series, what offset me most was the way they decided to
    end it. The last part of the mini-series was not only incredibly
    boring, when something actually happened it was an insult to
    rationality and an ode to ignorance. Somehow our always rational
    archaeologist who had put most of her life in service for the search
    for historical truth and accuracy suddenly became a Christian after
    being cared for by a religious hermit on some remote Greek island (who
    for some reason spoke perfect English) and noticing the apparent
    harmony of the local community. Somehow she must have figured that it
    was Christianity that made these people so kind and caring and that if
    she wanted to be just as kind and caring she had to become a Christian.
    The logical fallacies involved here are just staggering. She ignores
    the fact that being kind and caring is unrelated to whatever mythology
    you believe in and that there are Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, Asatruar,
    Shintoists as well as atheists that are just as kind and caring. She
    ignores the fact that the Catholic Church was involved in mass murder
    for a significant part of its history and that there was a cardinal
    having people murdered in order to stop her own quest. She ignores the
    fact that faith in a primitive anthropomorphic personal deity goes
    against everything she's ever stood for. etc.

    What's even more shocking, is that she somehow decides to throw away
    the gospel of Jeshuah because she apparently thinks it's better it's
    not known to the world. I guess she didn't want to lose her new-found
    beliefs if scientific research proved the document to be authentic, but
    that's pretty much as unscientific as it goes. Not only does this go
    against everything she's ever stood for, it is probably the worst thing
    an archaeologist could possible do from a scientific perspective. In
    fact, it's so anti-scientific and pro-ignorance it's pretty much in
    line with the attitude of the Spanish inquisition during the days of
    Galileo, Keppler, Copernicus and Newton… as well the murdering
    cardinal from the same mini-series.

    "The Last Templar" is a totally unnecessary waste of film that lasts
    too long to enjoy for its cheesiness and that's too ignorant not to get
    angry if you have more than two brain cells. Aaargh !

  4. Ang3l XIII from United States
    May 03, 2010

    Please waste your time if….

    you are in the mood for a movie that is so terribly bad that you just
    can't seem to look away. After this movie ends, you'll be sitting in
    front of your TV with glazed-over eyes wondering what just happened. I
    can't and won't even begin to go through the list of incredible flaws
    and mistakes in regards to location, geography, story line, acting,
    plot, – basically ANYTHING related to this fabulous movie! I was
    initially thinking that this movie should get a negative rating, but
    heck – let's give it one awful star for the pure entertainment factor.
    This would be a GREAT entertainment if you are in a group with half-way
    intelligent people who are history/religion literate and a couple of
    drinks. You won't stop laughing – because that is all you can do to
    avoid the crying. Enjoy!

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