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Christopher Guest, Robin Wright, Derek Pykett, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, Cary Elwes, Chris Sarandon, Carol Kane, Margery Mason, Peter Falk, Mandy Patinkin, André the Giant, Fred Savage, Peter Cook, Mel Smith, Anne Dyson, Malcolm Storry, Willoughby Gray, Betsy Brantley, Paul Badger, Sallie McLaughlin,


Rob Reiner


  1. oneguyrambling from Australia
    Nov 07, 2010

    I twoo-ly wuv this kids film… even the kissing bit.

    The Princess Bride is probably the coolest kids movie that isn't
    animated, and it holds up well for adults 20 plus years later.

    There, I said it.

    The Princess Bride is a fairytale told by a Grandpa to an initially
    cynical young boy who has stayed home sick.

    Initially the boy, played by Fred Savage in his "other" role. The story
    revolves around a romance between a young farmhand named Westley and a
    young woman named Buttercup, who with a name like that was always going
    to be a fairytale character, or a stripper.

    So being a fairytale Westley is taken by a notorious pirate named the
    Dread Pirate Roberts, presumed dead. This depresses Buttercup somewhat,
    who has only recently decided that he is eternally in love with the
    boy, and she had decided to marry him.

    Buttercup is thereafter kidnapped by a trio of kid's movie-awesome,
    Fizzick, Vizzini and Inigo Montoya. Fizzick is the mostest awesome
    Andre the Giant, now deceased. I am not sure if he tried to be funny or
    just deadpanned his way to eternal coolness, but either way he is
    hilarious in this from the first line he utters until the last. Inigo
    Montoya is also supercool and has possibly the most honourable and
    single minded quest in film history, and even Vizzini, the weasely
    self-dubbed genius who masterminds the kidnapping operation.

    So after this set up rather than worry about putting events in order, I
    thought I'd list a grab-bag of the noteworthy events and scenes that
    face Westley, Buttercup and the gang:

    - Shrieking eels. – Left handed sword fights – Vengeance – Death by
    poisoning – Quicksand – Killer giant rats – Torture – WWF wrestlers in
    Robin Hood style outfits – A six fingered man – Vendettas – Being
    revived from the dead.

    And furthermore, this film has a myriad of quotable lines that hold up
    after watching the film time and time again, not least of which is
    "Inconthievable", (should be inconceivable but must be said with a

    So to summarise I heartily recommend that even the cynical among you
    take a break from torture porn (hopefully only watching it) and
    pointless movie clichés, and watch a kid's movie where the finale
    simply involves; storming a castle, stopping a wedding, saving the
    damsel, avenging a father's death, reviving the dead and finding "twoo

    You might even enjoy it.

    Final Rating – 8.5 / 10. I am old, cynical and overly critical. There
    is no way I should like this so much, yet I just do.

    If you liked this review (or even if you didn't) check out

  2. jade_darkside
    Oct 12, 2010

    Maybe I am just too old and cynical for it

    Or maybe I had too high expectations, maybe I have no taste, but The
    Princess Bride is the worst piece of garbage I've seen in months, if
    not years.

    Yesterday, after listening for years on end what a great movie it is, I
    went, got the DVD and popped it in my computer, curious what all the
    fuss was all about. I wish I didn't. I managed to put up with it for a
    little over an hour, and now I want that hour of my life that I wasted
    on it BACK! Even if one is willing to excuse the awful, cheap props,
    costumes and special effects due to the movie being shot in the 80s and
    on a small budget, nothing, absolutely NOTHING excuses to awful writing
    and even worse delivery. It's been toted to me as some paragon of
    witty, hilarious dialogue, but frankly, with one single exception (the
    "In which cup is the poison" scene) the rest was just painful to sit
    through. I saw nothing particularly funny or witty about the dialogue,
    and even if there was some flash of brilliance here and there it was
    torn apart, set on fire and then stomped on by the wooden delivery of
    the actors. I have never seen people who lack comic timing so badly.
    They sounded like they were reading a phonebook, rather than delivering
    funny dialogue.

    Though it's obvious from the rest of the review, I am severely

  3. Saphire Alcehmy from United States
    Aug 10, 2010

    Inconceivable! I can't believe I just used that joke.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    What do you love about this film. No, not what did you love about it as
    a kid, what do you love about it now? I first saw this film at age 14,
    at school, having never even hear of it. So, I think I am rather
    qualified to give an unbiased opinion, since so many are clouded by
    childhood nostalgia about this film. I remember the teacher putting it
    on, and everybody going wild. A friend, after giving me an odd look for
    saying I'd never seen it, said it was like the NeverEnding Story, and
    I'd love it.

    Pity that wasn't even a remotely accurate statement.

    I love fantasy, before I'm accused of not, my favorite book is The Lord
    of the Rings.I specifically love comedic fantasy, the likes of Terry
    Pratchett, and gently mocking, yet also in the genre fantasy,like The
    Last Unicorn.

    This film does not succeed as a fantasy, being utterly predictable, and
    head scratching. I know it's not a serious fantasy, since they mention
    real countries, as a joke, I assume. Nothing happened in this film that
    I didn't see coming a mile away. The only thing that mildly surprised
    me was the ending, that just sort of … happens. It's like, the story
    is going along, then cuts off and says 'OK, we're done now.' Most
    predictable of all was the story within a story element.

    I would forgive the horrid effects, except that many eighties movies
    made before this one looked much more realistic. Let us not forget that
    Aliens came form the eighties, and those effects hold up today for the
    most part.Star wars was made in the seventies. Even the NeverEnding
    Story, for all Falcor is a puppet, had it's moments. And let us not
    forget, Falcor is a pretty puppet.

    Then, if the film isn't a serious fantasy, it must be a comedic
    fantasy, right? If so, I don't know what's so funny here. Apparently,
    the writers are convinced the height of comedy is to repeat a phrase
    over and over, with how often that occurs. Like when they have the
    worlds smartest man use the word inconceivable incorrectly. Once worth
    a slight smile perhaps, at the rather simple joke of 'Ha Ha! He thinks
    he's a genius, but he's not really.' Then, they say it again. And once
    more. And once more. It's like the writers thought we were too stupid
    to get the joke the first time, and they really felt it was a terribly
    clever joke, and we had to get it! Not the only time that happens in
    the film, either.

    This film fails as a fantasy by being predictable, fails as a comedy by
    not being funny, has awful effects, and boring, uninteresting
    characters. They're all flat, I knew nothing about them at the end of
    the film beyond 'He's really tall, they're in love, he's a idiot and
    he's Spanish and wants to avenge his father.' All things you could
    learn in that one sentence blurb. On top of all that, the acting is

    This movie is simply a train wreck, I can't even believe it was made.
    And that so many of my friends love it.

  4. gcd70 from Melbourne, Australia
    Aug 03, 2010

    Fairytale Love Story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    Infinitely likable tale about a fairytale love story concerning a
    lonely princess and her dashing hero. This unusual film is refreshingly
    different, being at once funny, exciting and moving. A large amount of
    the credit must go to William Goldman's screenplay, adapted from his
    own novel; and director Rob Reiner's ability to pull it all together in
    just the right way.

    Mark Knopfler's simple theme music, Norman Garwood's production design
    and Adrain Biddle's cinematography all compliment proceedings.

    The cast round things off, with Robin Wright making her debut alongside
    the debonair Cary Elwes. Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest and Wallace
    Shawn are all suitably malevolent while Andre the Giant has a ball.
    Peter Falk, Billy Crystal and Carol Kane all drop by, while Mandy
    Patinkin is great as master Spanish swordsman Inigo Montoya.

    Wednesday, April 26, 2000 – Video

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