The Versace Murder movie


  1. fromwalking from Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    Apr 15, 2007

    Wanna be Thriller gets ruined by lack of talent

    I wanted to try this film because of Franco Nero and Menahem Golan. But
    damn who casted Shane Perdue? He could be good looking if he didn't
    look so retarded all the time! But acting wasn't one of his skills
    either. As of the rest of the acting crew, even Franco didn't do much
    about his character. To be honest I think Steven Bauer did the best of
    acting. He didn't deliver much beside Scarface either. Really, somebody
    tell me, why is this film made? It's terrible! I really hope people
    read all these comments before considering watching it. And you actors
    out there: please deliver more into your character. And you writers out
    there: go get inspired!

    Please don't see this film. It's not worth it.

  2. amagloglo from South Africa / Taiwan
    Aug 21, 2006

    A Must-See!

    I have seen some truly awful movies in my time, but The Versace Murder
    could actually be the one – The Best of the Worst(TM). I could really
    sing this movie's praises, but I wouldn't want to spoil it for you …
    it's like The Matrix – nobody can tell you what it is; you have to
    experience it for yourself.

    Below are my theories on what made The Versace Murder the gem of movie
    making that it is.

    - 40% of the budget was spent on the one cop's sunglasses.

    - Rather than being paid, the "actors" were actually required to give
    the director oral sex in order to be allowed to appear in the movie.

    - During the shooting of one of the scenes, the script writer had to
    nip of to the bathroom, so the director told everyone to just yell
    their lines.

    - While shooting another scene, the director had to nip off to the
    bathroom, so the scriptwriter told the camera man to just shoot the
    cop's crotch.

    - Whenever the director and the scriptwriter were simultaneously in the
    bathroom, the accountant took over their duties. The producers were
    never on set, because they just couldn't watch.

    - Prior to writing the script for The Versace Murder, the script writer
    once wrote a slogan for a t-shirt. (I believe it was "F*CK YOU YOU
    F*CKING F*CK.)

    Runners up for the title of Best of the Worst:

    - War Camp (There is no script, and the entire movie was shot on the
    first take.)

    - Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy (Have you ever seen a chubby

  3. PeterRoeder from Lyngby, Denmark
    Dec 29, 2004

    Great kitch!

    This is a great movie! I am in awe! I’ve read all the reviews and I
    expected something like that. But reviewers without humour. I just love
    the style of the director. I can recognize it in the great actionmovies
    I saw as a kid "Enter the Ninja" and "Delta Force". There’s some real
    humanity in this sort of acting and directing. Of course, the movie
    should get a low grade because of this Ed Woodish quality but the
    viewing experience is just awesome. I was laughing really hard. I say
    that those who don’t like this movie does not have any sense of humour.
    I must say I am impressed. If only all movies where like this the world
    would be a better place. This movie is good because it does not
    PRETEND. It is "itself" so to speak. I’d like to see more movies by
    this director. 5/10.

  4. Ken Miller from United States
    Dec 27, 2004

    How To Make a Bad Movie Even Worse… the DVD!

    I picked up the Versache Murder DVD at Big Lots for $3.50… since my
    wife is a fan of cheesy TV docudramas and true crime books, it seemed
    perfect, and it was indeed worth every penny.

    The acting is on par with your average high school drama class
    production, the plot is almost nonsensical, and the music was… well,

    I’ve seen other people comment on the cheesy synth music of this film,
    but the DVD I bought has no music at all! This leads to numerous
    bizarre scenes where Andrew is dancing around getting dressed in the
    morning to silence, roller-blading to silence, dancing in a club to
    silence… and there is no sound at all during the credits. At first, I
    thought the director was just being "artsy", but now I know that it was
    some kind of mistake, but it makes this awful movie even worse, if
    that’s possible.

    It’s the kind of movie you’ll watch time and again because it’s JUST SO

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