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Robert Williams, Robert Nichols, Richard Deacon, Spencer Chan, Douglas Spencer, Olan Soule, Edward Hearn, Regis Parton, Jeff Morrow, Faith Domergue, Rex Reason, Lance Fuller, Russell Johnson, Karl Ludwig Lindt, Charlotte Lander, Jack Byron, Coleman Francis, Marc Hamilton, Edward Ingram, Orangey, Les Spears, Lizalotta Valesca,


Joseph M. Newman


  1. tomimt from Finland
    Jul 07, 2010

    Interesting but not very good

    The first time I heard of This Island Earth was from MST3K. It was a
    funny spoof, despite I had never seen the movie, but then I kinda
    forgot about it, as I wasn't particularly looking for the movie, so I
    could see it. Until a local TV-station broadcast it.

    Now, the good things first. There are some good special effects in the
    movie. I liked how the alien UFO looked like and their home planet,
    despite being barren from the war, was pretty neat. The acting is okay,
    not spectacular, but okay. The main star Rex Reason(?) is a bit too
    pompous for my liking, but other than that I have no big complaints.

    But on to the bad things. There really isn't any specific reason for
    the human cast to be in the film. I mean, they don't actually do
    anything and after Dr. Cal and Dr. Adams (Faith Domergue) have been
    transferred to the alien world, they do even less. The story, while it
    has some interesting elements, does very little after Dr. Cal Meacham
    arrives to the mysterious conclave of scientists lead by mysterious
    Exeter (Jeff Morrow) The movie has a promise of something greater, but
    it just fails to deliver it. It has some good aspects in it, but as a
    whole, it's not very good movie.

  2. Michael Dowswell ([email protected]) from United Kingdom
    Jul 07, 2010

    A Real Treat

    It was a great surprise to be sat there in front of the TV and have no
    memory of about forty five percent of this film…I mean completely no
    memory at all…so this was like a first screening in a way. Maybe I've
    never actually seen the first 45% I remember the rest very well though.
    It goes straight into my all time favourite sci-fi films…which are
    Forbidden Planet, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Alien, 2001: A Space
    Odyssey, John Carpenter's The Thing, The Time Machine (1960),
    Westworld, Predator and Planet of the Apes (1968).

    CONS: On the DVD they have done what they ought not to have done…they
    have cropped this film into a 16:9 shape…It's a horrible thing to do
    that to somebody's work…the director Joseph M. Newman died at age
    ninety seven in 2006, and I think this DVD was released in 2008. But
    this is just wrong and any film deserves respect…and this is not
    respectful treatment to a classic….yes, a classic.

    PROS: Beautifully made, I mean seriously beautifully made. Very
    meticulous film-making going on here. The choice of colours and the
    design work for all the props, interiors is neurotic perfectionist
    flawless. It's also a talky film which I love….but balanced with just
    the right amount of talking so we have great structure and great pacing
    going on too…some genuine great intelligent writing lines like "the
    truth is never flattering" and lots of genuinely funny lines like "My
    mind is my own, and nobody's going to change it! I'm not going into
    that room!"

    Exeter played by Jeff Morrow is of course a great character and is
    really entertaining to watch…he has a cheeky face and honestly looks
    a LOT like Robin Williams.

  3. Grann-Bach ([email protected]) from Denmark
    Jun 22, 2010

    Results yesterday

    This was in a box-set I got on sale, with seven pictures from this time
    and in this genre. I haven't watched many of them, but while the FX of
    this are arguably only decent(with that said, that suit ain't bad), the
    designs of gizmos are reasonably interesting, and this certainly does
    deliver all you could hope for in one of these; campy alien beings, a
    nicely done foreign planet, cool labs and spacecraft, some
    pseudo-science(portions of which are rather questionable now that we
    know more…!) and, well, *fun*, with crap blowing up and
    being/catching on fire. It is also worth noting that for the xenophobia
    this does have, it doesn't paint *everything* we don't know or
    immediately recognize or understand as dangerous and something to be
    avoided. It is genuinely tense at points. The sexism can be annoying;
    however, it is not as strong as in others of these. Domergue is
    attractive. The characters are fairly well-written and credible, if not
    necessarily memorable. Editing and cinematography are average. The
    acting is good, and the leads are likable. There is a little minorly
    bloody violence in this. I recommend this to any fan of sci-fi movies
    from the period. 6/10

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