Ultimo tango a Parigi movie

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Jean-Pierre Léaud, Marlon Brando, Jean-Luc Bideau, Stéphan Koziak, Maria Schneider, Maria Michi, Giovanna Galletti, Gitt Magrini, Catherine Allégret, Luce Marquand, Marie-Hélène Breillat, Catherine Breillat, Dan Diament, Catherine Sola, Mauro Marchetti, Massimo Girotti, Peter Schommer, Veronica Lazar, Rachel Kesterber, Ramón Mendizábal, Mimi Pinson, Darling Légitimus, Gérard Lepennec, Armand Abplanalp, Laura Betti, Michel Delahaye, Gianni Pulone, Franca Sciutto,


Bernardo Bertolucci


  1. Ryan K. Mega from tokyo, brasil
    Dec 12, 2010

    Misogynist Movie of the Moment

    Made in 1972, Brando plays an expatriate by the name of Paul living in
    Paris who meets a young model in an empty flat in Paris. She has
    noticed him on the street looking torn and worn from the recent suicide
    of his wife. Little does she know that these coincidences are the start
    of something more romantic. But Paul has one rule. No names. Because
    names and life history only complicate things. Sounds funky but think
    about how sweet it is when you first meet somebody and how you feel
    potential there but as soon as the mystery disappears, your romantic
    feelings go to. Like when a pretty girl takes a dump in front of you.
    In the 70′s this art house movie sparked controversy for its NC-17
    content but the sex scenes aren't provocative at all (its not like he
    used Parkay). They are probably as we'd expect any fantasy Parisian
    romance to be- lustful, passionate, whirly.

    Without giving two much of the beautiful drama of it all away, this
    movie says a lot to me about what it means to suffer for love and how
    devastating it can be when that love comes to an end. Brando does his
    best work in these roles, reminiscent of On The Waterfront, where he
    plays tortured souls struggling for love against some antagonist or
    another. And what does this movie say to me about love? What does it
    have to add to the conversation? Two things: 1. Love is dangerous
    because we expose our entire beings to it. And 2. Since there's no
    other way to love, prepare to ache, because love hurts. No matter what
    you ever think about love, remember first and foremost that love hurts.

    Paul does his best to create a place where pain free love can exist. It
    might translate on screen into some kinky sex filled fling, but I get
    it. The only thing that matters is the freaky love that these two
    strangers created in their shared apartment. Amazingly, its when there
    aren't any secrets left that the love begins to suffer. Its so in life
    as well- its the people who know you the best that hurt you the most.
    And usually they are the ones that love you the most.

    Ryan Mega sexdrugsmoney.com

  2. XNtricity from United States
    May 22, 2010

    One of the Greatest Films of All Time

    This is one of the few films one comes upon that can truly be
    considered perfect. Not only is everything excellent, but all the
    pieces are among the best in cinema.The best known of these is the
    terrific performance by Brando, whose work here is appropriately
    considered to be one of (if not the) best performances put on screen.
    The rest of the cast is also just right. Then there's the
    cinematography. Vittorio Storaro has never been a disappointment. His
    dark shadows perfectly capture the state of mind of Brando's character.
    Then there's the score: hot, modern, but still dark and somewhat
    mysterious. Finally, there's the script and direction by the
    magnificent Bernardo Bertolucci. He writes a complex story of despair,
    actually born from a fantasy. His understanding of the human mind
    really brought out this masterpiece (which is, in my opinion, his
    second best film, closely behind IL CONFORMISTA). How, you may ask, can
    this film be improved? Simply, it cannot. It's no surprise that this
    piece of art was what practically brought eroticism to the screen.

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